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For almost a decade, Trees for the Future and Origo Brands/WES have worked in the fight against global warming with Trees for the Future, an organization that focuses on “People & The Planet”. Trees for the Future puts planting trees at the center of this mission to create positive impacts with restoration of land, sustainable economic development, and carbon sequestration. The Forest Garden Project helps families and farmers in Africa create sustainable farms that have reversed the effects of desertification and deforestation, increased biodiversity in former dead-zones, and helped to change the future of agriculture. Through 2020 Trees for the Future has planted nearly 200 million trees and is still planting!


Using a formula that calculates our carbon impact, we provide direct support to Trees for the Future to plant trees that over-offset the footprint of our shipments, travel, and daily business.


We also work with our suppliers and distributors to reduce their greenhouse gas impact, with direct investment in Trees for the Future and collaborating on sustainable practices across their supply chains.

We’ve planted over 500,000 trees!
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