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As the largest gang support program in the world,

Homeboy Industries welcomes thousands of people each year through its doors seeking to transform their lives. Whether joining its 18-month employment and re-entry program or seeking services such as tattoo removal or substance abuse resources, Homeboy supports members to heal and succeed.


Homeboy Industries has also launched the Global Homeboy Network (GHN), which works toward gang intervention around the world. With programs from the United States to Europe, Africa, New Zealand, and throughout Latin America.

Chantico Agave has been giving direct support to Homeboy Industries, and is working on expanding our partnership in several ways:

  • Add Homeboy Industries logo to Chantico packaging, on the product website and all social media.

  • Joint partnership with Chantico in the  Homeboy Café and sale of Homeboy products and merchandise as a part of the Origo LatinX program.

  • Localized participation and direct support for members of the GHN.

  • Link Homeboy with national and global suppliers for ongoing support to Homeboy Cafes and affiliates, including direct support for “sister” organizations worldwide.

“We imagine a world without prisons, and then we try to create that world. ”