Wildlife SOS India and Origo/Trankebar have been partnering since 2018. Trankebar donates annually to SOS and uses the SOS logo on all its packaging. Trankebar is featured on the SOS website as a significant partner.


In addition to monetary donation, Trankebar supports SOS in other ways: 

  • Donating Trankebar Tea at SOS gala events and online auctions

  • Sponsor a Trankebar Tea Station at SOS events

  • Sponsor a rescued SOS elephant – Asha is pictured here. She is 46 years old. She was abused and used for tourism rides in Jaipur, India until she was rescued by SOS.

  • Promote the Refuse To Ride SOS campaign to save Asian elephants from the misuse for tourism on Trankebar Tea social media pages. End the Abuse – Don’t Ride Elephants!

  • Trankebar personnel and our network can travel to India to provide on the ground support to India’s elephants!