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Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) responds to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel. OBR provides comfort through food – BBQ – to comfort those in need. OBR has served over 3 Million meals nationwide since 2011 and continues to find ways to help all communities. 


Their Always Serving Project is an extension of the OBR Program which serves Military, First Responders, and the Fight on Hunger. The Always Serving Project targets the homeless, children in schools, is at disasters, and other times when people go hungry.


Operation BBQ Relief and Monstruo de Gila BBQ Salsa started communication in 2019. Gila is now making official donations which began a valuable relationship in 2020 as a Grand Champion Corporate donor. In addition to a monetary donation, Gila is considering other ways to get involved:

  • Joint partnership for Monstruo de Gila BBQ Salsa to be used at deployment sites through the Always Serving Project.

  • Gila personnel can volunteer at a deployment site when disaster strikes

  • Promote awareness of OBR on Gila’s website and social media pages

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